What is the origin of football?

08/07/2015 11:40

The oldest form of football of which we have knowledge dates back to the Han dynasty in China 2,200 years ago, according to descriptions of an old military manual of the era.

Its name was ts'uhkúh, and the game consisted on kicking a ball made of leather, stuffed with feathers and hair which had to be thrown with the feet to a small net. As the game was also used as military training, they practiced it in a rather violent way.

Years later, the sport came up in Japan and was called kemari, where skill substituted brute force, being played by princes and members of the court.

Then the Greeks "Epislcyros" and the Romans "Harpastum", added new life to the game. The objective was to throw the ball to the adversary's field, using their skill to do so.


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