Tips and tricks: how to get a perfect pass

31/03/2015 18:00

Hi there, K5 fans!

For sure you have seen in our Youtube channel quite a few impressive videos already starring amazing moves and plays. But you might not be able to do those moves yet! That's why we decided to start a Tips and Tricks section so you can discover the secrets of your favourite footbal MOBA game. 

Let's start with some basic moves: different kinds of passes. You know, sometimes it's not enough to perform a low pass to your colleague's feet. Doing a chip to head can help you to avoid a rival and don't loss the ball so let's check how you can do it! 

As you know, everytime we pass or shoot, a bar appears on the right of our player. When passing, this bar is pale-gree and blue, and it's always present. That's the bar we are making reference to. 

In order to perform a low pass to feed, you should press the left mouse button for a quick moment and release it when on the bottom third of the bar
* Whenever you want to do a chip to feet pass, hold the left button until the indicator is on the middle third of the bar
To pass the ball chip to head, you must hold the button until the indicator is in the top third of the bar

Are you ready to give it a try? Remember you can take the Training as many times as you want to practice these and other moves! 

See you in the game,

Korner 5 Team


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