Tips and Tricks: how to bend your kick

15/04/2015 11:46

Hello there, football lovers!

Over the past weeks we've seen some amazing moves with incredible shots. Probably some of you are wondering how could you achieve such a perfect goal... Do you want to know some tricks? Let's do it!

First of all, you should master the basic aspects. There's no way you can achieve a more complex shot if you don't know how to control your strenght! Therefore, we encourage you to control this first by paying attetion to the kick bar, to the right of your player.

Once you have master this, we could move one to the main issue here: bending effects. In order to bend your kick, you should move your mouse wheel, the one you use to scroll through a website. Move it to the top and the ball will bend to the right. Do it downwards and the ball will curve to the left. Easy as A,B,C!

If you want to practice this skills, we highly recommend you to do the Training again to access the Advance training moves. The more you practice, the more you will learn!

Have a good game,

Korner 5 Team


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