Patch notes (23/04/2015)

23/04/2015 17:55

Hi there, Korner 5 fans!

During today update we inserted the following changes:

* New Tournament system (Hurray!)
* Change in the “Play” menu, game and chat folders
* New icons system to improve menu understanding
* New permission system to administer your team
* Limit to the number of players up to 12. Those teams which have more than 12 members have been reset and will need a new configuration
* Final match message problem solved
* First version for the Italian, French and German localization

We know that these updates will bring us a lot of comments (and we are looking forward to reading them). That is why we prepared a special post about the Tournament system to let us give us your feedbacks. Remember that this is just the first version of the Tournament: we hope to make more improvements next week according to your suggestions… There is still a lot to do!

Korner 5 Team


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